VIP – flight # the TOP

Sky line – interior design flight

High altitude strategy towards successful living in your dream home penthouse or loft apartment.

Are you traveling a lot?
Waiting at airports to board your flight for hours?
And planning your new place to live, looks, feel, budgets?
Waisting time?

No time to waist ever again with an interior design solution during your private flight. Hands-on solutions in one design session will offer you the complete picture (build, pricing and looks) of your future home by the time you get home.
Information, price and options upon request.

No time to waist! This is your time to gain.
Traveling abroad and never considered to fly by a private jet? Experience the luxury of direct boarding and taking off in 15 minutes on any airport on arrival or destination in Europe.
Let me arrange your flight & design strategy asap. 

Please, contact me directly on my mobile: +31626152409 or sent an email.